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This website specializes in Complementary and Alternative Medicine CAM
for the Hepatitis C Virus HCV but the information is also relevant
to all types of hepatitis and liver disease.Hepatitis C is the most prevalent liver disease in the world. The World Health Organization considers Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) an epidemic. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), 20-30% of people with chronic Hepatitis C will eventually face life-threatening symptoms.

Is there a cure for Hepatitis C?

Yes, there are “cures” for Hepatitis C. There are standard conventional medicine treatments for HCV that can “cure” you. For Hepatitis C, “cure” is also known as “sustained viral remission” (SVR) and that is why I put the word cure in quotes. EVERYONE SHOULD consider their options and CONSULT WITH A HEP C DOCTOR about their chances of SVR which they can predict after looking at test results for genotype, viral load, and looking at the condition of your liver.

According to a recent article published in June, 2009 Hepatology, “up to 50% of patients with chronic hepatitis C fail to respond to initial therapy with pegylated interferon (PEG-IFN) and ribavirin (RBV). With unsuccessful viral eradication, these patients remain at risk for developing progression of their liver disease.” If you are among these “nonresponders,” if you are someone who has low chances of Hepatitis C SVR through conventional treatment, if you are frightened of the many reported horrible side effects of Hep C conventional treatment, if you are seeking complimentary alternative medicine (CAM) to use in conjunction with interferon to improve your odds of beating Hepatitis C, or if you are simply interested in natural, holistic options, then you are in the right place! We strive to report all the natural healing options for Hepatitis C on this website but we emphasize working with a Hep Doctor is extremely important to your chances of recovery.

I want to help you find answers to your questions about alternative treatments for hepatitis C. My goal is to give you objective information and a variety of viewpoints on alternative medicine for HCV (hepatitis C). I strive to provide consumer-oriented, unbiased, scientific information about hepatitis C and your treatment options.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to hepatitis C. But there are Hepatitis C complimentary alternative medicine (CAM) treatments and protocols that have been used successfully with a variety of results ranging from normalizing liver enzyme levels to total “clearance” and “elimination” of the hepatitis virus! Results vary. Methods of treatment for Hep C vary. It is our goal to make all this information available to you by providing well-researched reports on the methods being used. This website will present you with all of the alternative treatments to mitigate, possibly even cure hepatitis C!

If you or a loved one suffer from Hep C, you know you need KNOWLEDGE to fight the Hepatitis C Virus,referred to by many as the “dragon”. If you feel this way, you have come to the right place. We provide tons of information on Hepatitis C on this site, where you can explore and search for your own answers. This service is FREE all the time.

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Information on Hepatitis C

If you are short on time and energy for researching HCV, you can benefit from all my hard work. I have combed through the internet looking for a cure for Hepatitis C, read dozens of books, interviewed experts, emailed every natural doctor I could find, and looked high and low for a doctor I can see eye to eye with. I know how stressful it can be to ORGANIZE and MANAGE your health. Take advantage of all the HCV information and resources which I have assembled on this website.

You are also encouraged to take advantage of all the tools on the website. The Hepatitis Database, ANNA’S UNCENSORED HEP C SEARCH ENGINE, our mailing list, free reports, HCV and liver supplement information (including nano silver and nano magenesium), E-books, hepper shop, and more are all available to you!

Hepatitis C E-books

Hepatitis C E-BOOKS SAVE you time, aggravation, and frustration. E-Books SAVE you wasted hours searching for info and never finding it. Hepatitis C E-books are the NO STRESS way to find out what you need to know about
fighting Hepatitis C FAST, EASY!


Our E-BOOKS are the results of spirited and ardent investigation into alternative therapies being used by people who are making progress in their fight against hepatitis C and by those who have been successful in achieving “viral clearance” (eliminating HCV altogether!)

“Why do I NEED this information? Isn’t there tons of free information on the internet?” You will not find information of this nature anywhere on the internet. It is HIGHLY SPECIALIZED just for folks with Hepatitis C (and liver disease) that are seeking alternative/ complimentary treatments. It is ideal for non-responders to interferon and those who choose natural solutions. NO WHERE ELSE, can you find all this information in one place. What took me over a year to gather is yours in just a few minutes! CLICK HERE


Hepatitis C case studies; success stories and the specific treatments and supplements and what doctors, patients and nutritionists say about them.

The therapeutic goals of “Natural” treatment for Hepatitis C are as follows:

  • Decrease “viral load”
  • Normalize liver enzymes with marine phytoplankton
  • Enhance/regulate immune system function
  • Strengthen and promote healthy liver function
  • Protect the liver, prevent further damage
  • Virological response; i.e. viral clearance, viral reduction or elimination of the virus
  • “Starve” the virus by limiting levels of iron
  • Optimizing cellular levels of glutathione in the body, making detoxification of the liver possible and enhancing the immune system
  • Stimulate regeneration of the damaged liver cells
  • Use of antioxidants to combat the effects of free-radicals generated by the virus
  • Reduce inflammation with vegetarian omega 3 supplements
  • Slow viral replication with Health Factory Nano Silver
  • Replace all of the inflammation-damaged liver cells
  • Regulate immune function/prevent auto-immune problems
  • Cancer preventative measures
  • Reverse fibrosis to prevent and improve cirrhosis


All of our e-books include FACTS (as well as clearly defined opinions) that specifically address Hepatitis C, the liver and “alternative” (also referred to as “complimentary” and “natural”) approaches to healing. We have gathered information using a wide variety of resources, in an effort to present the full array of options available and treatments being used by others with HCV.

E-books are COMPREHENSIVE. You are going to get a complete list of supplements we came across in our research that relate to hepatitis and hepatitis C, not just the “popular” ones. These E-books go far beyond “milk thistle”.The emphasis is on presenting ALL available therapies/supplements/treatments/remedies for Hepatatis C. The E-books are not be limited to just the benefits of a given therapy, but also, any negative feedback or “side effects” that we come across in our research.

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