Hepatitis C Alternative Medicine Options


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Everyone with Hepatitis C, also known as HCV, should take an active part in the maintenance of their health and treatment of their disease with the guidance of a qualified health care professional. The more we learn about nutrition and how nutritional healing may help improve hepatitis C symptoms or assist in treating HCV, the better prepared we will be to take an active role in our Hep C treatment.

Leading experts in the field of Natural and Holistic Medicine have based their natural healing therapies for Hepatitis C upon scientific investigation. In the past 20 years there have been tremendous advances in the understanding of how many natural therapies work to promote health or treat disease. This increased understanding is a result of more strict scientific investigation. In many cases, the scientific investigation has not only validated the natural healing approach to Hepatitis C but has also led to significant improvements.

Nutritional healing for Hepatitis C (and other liver diseases) is focused on diet and nutritional supplements that can be categorized according to the beneficial role they play in supporting healthy liver function or enhancing the immune system:

  • Antioxidants
  • "Liver herbs"
  • Immune Enhancers
  • "Liver vitamins"
  • "Liver amino acids"
  • "Liver minerals"
  • "Liver foods"
  • "Natural Interferon Boosters"

There are a variety of therapeutic effects of nutritional-based treatments on hepatitis C. Some reports and studies show an effect by accelerated decreases of liver enzyme levels, dramatic drops in viral loads and even elimination of the Hepatitis C virus.

Here is an example of the recent scientific research in natural treatments: In HEPATOLOGY, March, 2009, they concluded that "dietary nutrient composition may be an important and potentially modifiable determinant in liver disease." PMID: 19441103 And of course, there are much more specific studies but I liked this one in particular because it is not just about a specific supplement but the fact that your actual diet impacts your health.
Some healthy diet tips for those with Hepatitis C:
1. No alcohol consumption, even moderately, as it has a toxic effect on liver cells and makes you more prone to liver cancer according to studies.
2. I suggest organic produce, whether store bought or homegrown, as this reduces the chemicals that an already stressed HCV liver will need to process.
3. A well nourished body will fight Hepatitis C best. A diet rich in calories and nutrients on a daily basis is critical as is healthy exercise to keep your body functioning well.
4. Adequate protein is necessary to help the body repair damaged liver tissue and everyday needs such as production of new blood cells. More on types of protein below.
5. Eat at least 5 servings a day of fruits and vegetables as they provide important vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Dried beans, and certain herbs and spices also contain abundant phytochemicals which behave like powerful antioxidants "gobbling up" the destructive free radicals.
6. Squeeze some fresh lemon juice into a glass of water at least once a day. Staying hydrated is important to flushing out toxins and the lemon juice is a natural liver detoxifyer. Lemon juice also provides vitamin C an important precursor to Glutathione. More on this below.

While diet and supplements may improve your condition significantly, it is important not to have "false hope", abandon medical supervision or conventional treatment options. It is important to stress that the suggestions offered on this website and in our Hepatitis C E-books are not intended to replace appropriate medical investigation.

Our HCV E-books are intended to be informative by presenting a wide variety of views as well as the "alternative therapies" that are currently being used by other Hepatitis patients and their reported benefits. These Hep C E-books include clinical studies and research information whenever available. The topics below are a a tiny sampling of the information from our e-books. Click on any of them to read more.

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