Hepatitis C Alternative Medicine Treatment Options


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Liver Cleanse for Hepatitis C (HCV)

Various naturopathic doctors suggest that a liver cleanse (also known as a liver flush or liver detox) is extremely important to the health of everyone, but especially useful to those with liver disease such as HCV. They contend that a liver cleanse will help clean the liver bile ducts that may be choked with gallstones and detoxify the liver.

Results from the Liver Cleanse:

Dr. Hulda Clark, PhD, ND, in her groundbreaking bestseller, The Cure of All Diseases, says that, “Cleansing the liver of gallstones dramatically improves digestion, which is the basis of your whole health. You can expect your allergies to disappear, too, more with each cleanse you do! Incredibly, it also eliminates shoulder, upper arm, and upper back pain. You have more energy and an increased sense of well being.”

Johnny Delirious, author of Hepatisis C, Cured suggests that the liver cleanse is what ultimately cured his HCV. He contends that you feel a significant increase in energy and overall well-being after the cleanse and suggests that those with Hep C get on a schedule and do Hulda Clark’s liver cleanse every two weeks to rid themselves of the hepatitis C virus and reduce liver fibrosis.

According to Puristat, ( “A liver cleansing can help with a fatty liver, cirrhosis of the liver, or elevated liver enzymes, and save you thousands of dollars and months of pain by facilitating the avoidance of needless surgery for gallstones. Liver cleansing diets and liver support supplements can help you avoid possible subsequent complications from liver disease, and the development of other afflictions related to an unhealthy liver.”

Precautions for the Liver Cleanse:

Consult with a physician prior to your cleanse, and follow your doctor's instructions concerning your medications. Remember, when you are detoxifying your liver, you will not receive full benefit from any medication because they may be flushed out with the cleanse, reducing their effectiveness.

A colon cleanse could be a good idea to do before a liver cleanse to ensure that blood that comes to your liver during the cleanse is as toxin-free as possible thereby reducing the strain on your liver.

Types of Liver Cleanse:

There are several liver cleanses that a person could choose from, ranging from very short to more drawn out and complex. I will mention just a few but you can find many more!

Easy Liver Cleanse:

Recommended by Christopher Hobbs, L,Ac.:
1. Take one cup of fresh squeezed orange juice. Add some lemon to the point the mix tastes sour. You can water down the final mix to make it more palatable.
2. Add the juice of 1-2 cloves of fresh garlic (using a garlic press). Grate in some raw fresh ginger root as well.
3. Mix in 1 tablespoon of high quality olive oil, blend this in (or shake it well in a glass container) and then drink it up. (Yummy!)
4. Follow up with two cups of cleansing herbal tea. There are many available at health food stores today.
5. Drink this in the morning after a bit of stretching and deep breathing, then do not eat or drink anything else for one hour. The recommendation is to do this for 10 days during every change of season.

Moderate Liver Cleanse:

Dr. Hulda Clark, PhD, ND, in her groundbreaking bestseller, The Cure of All Diseases, gives details on her liver cleanse, and why she thinks it is necessary for good health.

The Hulda Clark liver cleanse is about a 24 hour cleanse so moderate in time demand and also in ingredients being easy to obtain. The liver cleanse ingredients:
o Epsom salts: 4 tablespoons
o Olive oil: half cup
o 2/3 cup Fresh pink grapefruit juice
o Ornithine: 4 to 8, to be sure you can sleep.
o Large plastic straw: to help drink potion.
o Pint jar with lid
o Black Walnut Tincture

Hulda Clark says of the liver cleanse, ““I like to think I have perfected this recipe, but I certainly can not take credit for its origin. It was invented hundreds, if not thousands, of years ago.” You can access all the details of her cleanse on Dr. Clark's website. (

More Involved Liver Cleanse:

The liver cleanse suggested by Dr. Waltz, ND, DD, CNC, CTN, of The Herbal is much more involved in both herbal ingredients required and in time to do the cleanse- two weeks! However, it is not rigorous the entire time. Dr. Waltz suggest following the initial cleanse up with a shortened version once a month. Visit his website (”target="_blank") where he passes on what he says is, “the most effective therapy I have found, as it is used for treating hepatitis and other liver problems, as well as for cleansing and supporting. “

Questions on safety and the science behind the liver cleanse:

The Cure Zone ( lots of grizzly pictures of stones and livers and gallbladders as well as tons of links to any questions you may have about the cleanse including fear, science, and safety questions.

Hulda Clark herself say of cleansing the liver, “This procedure contradicts many modern medical viewpoints. Gallstones are thought to be formed in the gallbladder, not the liver. They are thought to be few, not thousands. They are not linked to pains other than gallbladder attacks. It is easy to understand why this is thought: by the time you have acute pain attacks, some stones are in the gallbladder, are big enough and sufficiently calcified to see on X-ray, and have caused inflammation there. When the gallbladder is removed the acute attacks are gone, but the bursitis and other pains and digestive problems remain.

The truth is self-evident. People who have had their gallbladder surgically removed still get plenty of green, bile-coated stones, and anyone who cares to dissect their stones can see that the concentric circles and crystals of cholesterol match textbook pictures of "gallstones" exactly.” (From "The Cure for All Advanced Cancers”)

Conclusion on Liver Cleanses:

It seems that there is not much scientific research on liver cleanses and their effectiveness.

The opponents of the cleanse suggest that most of the stones that come out during a liver cleanse are not actually gallbadder stones, rather a product from the reaction of the oil and lemon. However, even admits that, “the large oily meal would stimulate strong gallbladder contraction. This could help expel small gallstones or even, very rarely, a whole crop of small gallstones or sludge…I cannot recall yet seeing any reports of harm from a gallbladder/liver flush.”

Is the liver cleanse/flush really helpful to those with Hepatitis C? It seems to me that considering all the positive testimonials, one might as well try it for themselves and see!


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