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Introduction to “Johnny Delirious,” Author of HEPATITIS C, CURED:

“Hepatitis, is an equal opportunity employer, anyone can get it, but no one has to keep it.” Johnny Delirious

“Johnny Delirious” is the pen-name for the author of Hepatitis C, CURED, his story of overcoming exceptional odds. His new book was published on April 30, 2009 and tells his amazing journey of how he beat Hepatitis A, B and C.
Seventeen years after being told he had only 8 months to live, he is still alive and well. Hepatitis C, CURED tells of Johnny's desperate struggle to find a solution to his disease. He said he wrote it to share his “personal, emotional and therapeutic strategies” that helped him eliminate his dreaded disease and he wanted the reader to feel like they had “someone cheering on their side.”

Interview conducted on May 10, 2009 by

1.What is the single most important thing you did to "triumph" over Hep C?
It was the decision I made; not to harm my body anymore and do anything within that criteria to get well.

2. Have you found a cure for Hep C?
Yes, I am living proof.

3. I looked at the copies of your viral load test. Does it say that your viral load went from 5 million to not detectable in just a little over two months? How is that possible?
The book gives an explanation for that. Most of the major time consuming therapies of getting all the organs clean were done at that point, even though my viral load was still high, I added several final critical strategies to clean the liver. My own body's immunity system did the rest and viral load was then non existent.

4. You mention “how the Gerson Therapy was one of the main turning points of [your] recovery from Hepatitis C”. Was it essential to your cure?
I am a big believer in the Gerson Therapy, for me it is a great natural pathway to healing from many diseases. My book explains that it is not the only treatment I did.

5. Is your cure affordable to the average person?
Yes, I believe for less than $100 a month and basic grocery store items most people could recover from Hepatitis C.

6. Once someone is diagnosed with cirrhosis, is it too late to turn to alternative therapy?
Never, my scar tissue was 96%. I believe strongly that everyone should always have a choice of what to do. I am glad I chose natural therapy.

7. Have you or anyone close to you tried the conventional Hep C treatment?
Yes. They did not make it. I have seen some videos of people who recovered with the drug cocktails, but they all say it was like having the flu for 10 months. Many of those relapse later, so I am not sure that is true recovery.

8. Are you against using interferon/rebetron?

9. What are your beliefs about the effects of this treatment on your health?
I don't have any faith in it.

10. Can your regime be used while a person is on conventional treatment?
I don't believe in mixing them.

11. If someone has Hep C and continues to drink alcohol on a social basis, say once a week, are they doing significant damage to their liver?
They should quit drinking. I went to AA and found that a big help.

12. Do you know of any "success stories" of a patient who has recovered using your program. How did it help them? Has anyone using your program tested negative for the virus yet?
My book mentions the G-8. These were the 8 people who from my support group, completely recovered, no viral load.

13. What is the one thing you want to share with people who suffer from Hep C that you think might help them over come some of the difficulties they face?
They need to read my book and get real hope. I am not selling any products nor do I work for anyone. I do not criticize any of the medical establishment or other treatments, there is nothing negative in the book, no conspiracy theories etc. I tell what I did to recover.

14. Any additional comments?
I see my self as a child of God and you are too. Ask for his help and guidance in your decisions and don't believe anyone that is giving you no choices in living.

CONCLUSION: I want to thank “Johnny Delirious” for taking the time to answer these questions. It was very interesting to consider these issues and learn more about Johnny, his book, and his outlook on Hepatitis C.

Johnny’s book is available at and all major outlets, or for a more discounted price at:

You can also read more about the author at his website:

Johnny Delirious is conducting FREE weekly conference calls on Liver Health for a limited time. They will be held every Sunday at 7:30 Central Time. You can email him at to get the conference call number and details such as special guests.

He recommends the hard cover edition. It includes 15 extra pages for notes as he intends the book to serve as “quick reference guide” for those to log and reference their journey to cure Hepatitis C.

“The purpose of this book, is to share with others the exact things I did, and how I did them. Build a fire within yourself, use that fire to do something positive.” Johnny Delirious


Mr. Delirious' book on his journey to healing with hepatitis C is emblematic of the journey many of our patients have taken. Without a strong wellness system in place with physicians, patients are often left to experiment on their own. His journey, including a strict, healthy diet and hyperbaric treatments, has been successful in creating a healthy environment for his normal immune system to eradicate the virus from his body. Modern medicine should be studying these techniques to allow more patients to take advantage of them. As he points out in his well written story, not all patients have enough will to live to make these changes. However, for those interested in creating healing, this book provides extremely entertaining and useful insights into what that journey may look like and a starting point for their venture.
Kelly Z. Sennholz M.D.

The terror in one’s heart from that kind of diagnosis is unimaginable. This book gives people hope, where Johnny lays out the program he followed to beat this horrible disease. It is my suggestion, if you have Hepatitis or know someone who does, that you get a copy of this book and at least be inspired by his dedication to himself to get healed.

Saturday, May 30, I attended the book signing and 2 hour seminar by Johnny Delirious and his book Hepatitis C CURED. He is a good sincere man. His real name is Michael. I attended a couple of his seminars 8 or 9 years ago in the same room at Evermans Co-Op in Pensacola, FL. He is the one who originally turned me on to Hulda Clark's liver/gallbladder cleanse.
He has versions in Spanish, French, and Portuguese. The book is short and an easy and enjoyable read. If you are one of those seeking alternative treatment rather than the 'combo cocktail', I highly recommend reading this book.
He spoke about the importance of diet, exercise, and cleansing. Calf liver is good, so I'll have to develop a taste for it. My only disappointment was the fact that most of the seminar focus was on the cleanse instead of the Rife machine, Zapper, or 714X he mentions in the book. In other words, his message was the same today as it was 8 years ago. This, however, should tell you one thing - maybe it really works. Consider this: the cleanse is very inexpensive and he doesn't make any money when you do it, nor does he sell any products.
There isn't any one definitive answer or source for alternative treatment, but if you are trying to educate yourself on what might work for you, I'd suggest reading this one.
OK, I did pose the question about what genotype he had before he was cured, and he dodged the question - I never got the answer to that. However, in his defense, he had Hep A, B, & C, possibly from tainted oysters and when he was cured it was about '93 or 94', before there was such an emphasis on genotypes. And the guy looks as healthy as he did 8 years ago, if not healthier. So whether or not he had the `bad-ass' 1A or 1B as most of us unfortunate souls do, I just don't know.
I do know this: my virals and enzymes all improved when I was doing the cleanse. And the good side effect is the incredible energy high you get when it's over. Looking back, I think if I'd stayed with his program and kept up my diet, I might have actually cured this beast. But I wasn't quite as committed and ready to stay alternative then as I have been the last 5 years. However, I've read and been told by my gastro doc not to risk it if you know for a fact you have a large stone already (as I do). He (Johnny) said 'don't worry, it will come out with one of the cleanses'. I've got a few things going on just now, but I'll probably get back with that part of my overall protocol in a couple of months.
THUMBS UP ON THIS ONE !!!!!!Information is Power
your friendly book reviewer and on-the-spot reporter,
RocketRon's Review:
HEPATITIS C, CURED, is not so much a “how to” rid yourself of hep c book, as it is a story of the author’s personal journey with it. It gives you a friend who you can share his experiences with you so that you feel less alone and so that you feel someone else out there knows what you are going through.
I think it is a great book for those that have decided to pursue natural therapies. He does give you his regime but it may be difficult to replicate all the components and a bit costly (though if it worked, it would be worth it, even cheap!). However, his actual recommendations to others are not costly nor do they promote any particular company. He believes strongly in liver cleanses.
This book will inspire you to be proactive in your search for a cure and to never give up hope. I salute his tenacity and his free will.

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