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HealthyHepper's Database-Directory of Hepatitis Web Resources
For patients, health care professionals and webmasters

DEDICATION: This database-driven directory is dedicated to all those who suffer from liver disease and to those searching for a cure for hepatitis C. Our fight against hepatitis C is one that is of monumental importance as this epidemic is growing. Prevention and control, education and research are the priorities of those who fight this battle. Faith and hope keep us focused. We must strive for the day, when this disease does not have to be fatal to ANYONE!

PURPOSE: I found researching the online resources for hepatitis to be humbling and inspiring. There is a vast amount of material available about hepatitis from many different sources. There are numerous sites rich with useful information and dedicated individuals who strive to make some sense of this elusive, complex disease (HCV). The perspectives vary, from alternative to conventional, to educational and humanitarian. There are activisits, entertainers, scientists, doctors, patients, and people from all over the world that have something to contribute to the puzzle and the quest for a cure. The goal of this directory is to bring all this work together and facilitate communication between these groups and resources. Another goal is to create a place where information can be found quickly and easily, where we can stay abrest of what others are doing.

POLICIES: Any webmaster who wishes to link to the database has my permission.
Please call it by it's name:
HealthyHepper's Database-Directory of Hepatitis Web Resources
For patient's, health care professionals and webmasters.

NOTE: Please be aware I am just one individual working on this data base. It is an ongoing project that will be continuously added to and updated. If you feel that any corrections should be made please email me. If you have suggestions or comments or just want to suggest a site feel free to email me with that too. By no means is the database complete, so if you do not find your site where you think it should be, you know what to do.

Thank you.


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